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Viewing historical budget vs actual spend at a glance

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I'm attempting to view budget vs actual spend per day per campaign so that I can see which campaigns are under/on/over budget each day. I tried generating a report with a timeframe of 9 months and "Budget" as one of the columns but this only shows the current daily budget, not what the daily budget was in the past.


For example, on Sept. 1st, Campaign A's daily budget is being reported as $10 but the spend is $60. I know that the daily budget on Sept. 1st was not $10 - that is actually the campaign's daily budget today.


Without going through each budget change entry in the Change History section, is there a way to quickly determine what I'm looking for?


An alternative is to find out the percentage of time that each campaign is under/on/over budget.



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January 2017

Viewing historical budget vs actual spend at a glance

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Hi @backwardADWORDS

As far as I know, this isn't possible. The Budget figures aren't stored, even in a precalculated table for lookups like this. I'd absolutely LOVE if they were.


What we do is use the Budget Performance report in the API and run it every day with the campaign cost report (we use individual shared budgets for each campaign) and merge them. That gives us what you're looking for in a way. All you'd have to add is a diff to compare them. 


You can find out more about it here: