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Value of Segmenting Data in the Dimensions Tab

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Hi folks,


Ever wonder what the Dimensions tab is all about but haven’t had the time to dive into its content? The dimensions tab allows you to view the data in your account segmented by the dimension of your choice (month, hour, geographic region, search terms, day of the week, etc). I wanted to share some insight on two dimensions and how you can use the data from these to optimize your AdWords campaigns.


Hour of the Day

Most of us will probably only have an idea of when you are receiving most traffic on your site from AdWords, but using the dimensions tab and segmenting data by hour of the day, you can see when impressions, clicks, or conversions occur during the day.


When segmenting account activity by hour of the day, we’ll use military time, and hours will be reported according to the account’s timezone setting. The information presented here is most helpful in making decisions regarding the hours of the day in which you would like your ads to show.


Once you have an idea of the most valuable hours of the day (higher CTR or conversion rates), you can use ad scheduling to limit the hours of the day when you are showing. Also, here you can find more information regarding measuring performance by period of time.


Geographic Region

Your Geographic data shows your customers' physical locations or locations that they had shown interest in through searches on Google or Google Maps (i.e. AdWords reports the location used to serve the ad). Information listed here is valuable because it can give us an idea of how interest for your business and keywords is dispersed geographically. When available, we’ll report down to the city used to serve your ad to a user. This is helpful in determining your location targeting settings.


For both locations and hours of the day, we also offer the ability to set bid adjustments which will increase or decrease bids by X% based on the location or time of a search (Note: Bid adjustments are only available for enhanced campaigns).


As always, if you have any questions or have experience on using the dimensions report to act on the structure and/or settings of your account, we’d love to hear from you!

Juliana S.

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Re: Value of Segmenting Data in the Dimensions Tab

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Google Employee

Nice post Juliana! Some great stuff in there!


Does anyone in the Community have any tips they'd like to share on how they've used these features to tweak their campaigns? 


Re: Value of Segmenting Data in the Dimensions Tab

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Thanks, Juliana.


I have only one comment with regards to any dayparting, and that is to keep an eye on the account's performance after the changes versus its performance before the changes.


That's because from what I can see, for many last click conversions (which is what we see in that report) we have (or should I say I have) many assist clicks as well, which may well take place outside my new targeted hourly interval. Which means that by shutting down, or bidding less for your clicks during certain times of the day you may be losing these assist clicks.


So, by all means, keep your eyes on the bear but make sure you do not kill the salmon that feeds it, or there will be no bear next year Smiley Happy.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: Value of Segmenting Data in the Dimensions Tab

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Google Employee

I think you bring up a great point Calin. To your comment, if anyone hasn't taken a look at what assisted clicks are, I would recommend reviewing the reporting offered via Search Funnels which includes assisted clicks!


Any more comments on the dimensions tab and things we may want to take into consideration prior to making changes within our AdWords accounts based on data provided here?