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Value Track & Internal Linking

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Hi there,


We've implemented the ValueTrack parameters to pull through 'placement' and 'target' data.  We also have our own internal tracking system, so therefore assign individual id's to our ad sets.  We're now seeing the placement/target information in Analytics, but not our internal system.  


We are using a "sub_id" parameter for the internal linking, however this has only pulled one value so far, the number "37" which is not much help


The URL format we have is the following, with the first tracking sections being our internal links;




If anyone has had a similar experience and can shed any light we'd be very grateful!



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Re: Value Track & Internal Linking

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Hi Georgina,


It'll be quite difficult to help with this as the issue appears to lie with the internal tracking system. Have you checked with the providers? Or do they have a Help Forum?


Alternatively, as you mentioned, if anyone out there on the Community has experienced something similar and is able to provide some advice, it would be much appreciated!



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Re: Value Track & Internal Linking

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Hi Georgina W,

If you're example is accurate, the sub_id has not been assign a value. I suspect that might not be the problem. Check your destination URL's again. "sub_id" should be followed by an equals sign (=) and a value. Something like this:


Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Value Track & Internal Linking

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Thanks Pete,

I've just updated the destination URLs with our internal ID so hopefully that will sort it out!