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VTC VS Conversion

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If a visitor views the ad but does NOT click on this ad. Then later he/she visits the advertiser's store directly and buys an item, it counts as one view-through conversion.

Does it also count a visitor who CLICK the ads, but doesnt convert directly, but visit the site the day after and do conversion? If not, what does it called? Thank you

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September 2015

Re: VTC VS Conversion

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Hi LMen L,

"View-through conversions" is a helpful way to track the value of your display ad campaigns on the Google Display Network. It happens when a customer sees an image or rich media ad, then later completes a conversion on your site.

It's Completely different From "Click-through Conversion" which happens when a customer had previously clicked on an ad such as on the Google Search or the Google Display Network and then completed a conversion on your site and "View-through conversions" automatically exclude conversions from people who’ve also clicked your Search ads.