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Using affiliate links with Upgraded URLs

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I read the docs many times, and for some reason I can't seem to understand how to make it work with upgraded URL's, or worst, I think what I used to be able to do is not possible anymore. For this example I am creating fake links.


Suppose I have an affiliate link to but the link is


So, as and are not the same domain I can't use as display and final URL.


To make things more complicated, suppose I have my own tracker at


Before I would use as display URL and as destination URL and then would handle all the clean redirects and track things in between.


I can't get my head around how to achieve the same results now with Upgraded URL's. My objective is to keep using as display URL (as that is where users will end up) and be able to use my trackers and affiliate URLs in between.


Any tip on how to achieve this will be appreciated. I am crossing my fingers this still can be done, else it will be a mess.





Re: Using affiliate links with Upgraded URLs

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Dear Yakito,


Thank you for posting your query in adwords community.


Let me make it easy for you understand how upgraded URL works. Remember, the final URL is an upgraded version of the destination URL. If you don't use tracking, there's no difference between them. So if you are using a third party tracking:


Here is an example:

My Landing page:

My Final URL:

Tracking Template:



i.e please put your base landing page URL in the final URL column. And then, put only the tracking parameters in the tracking template like above not the entire tagged URL like this:


On an other note, there is no change in the rule for display URL in upgraded URL. Hence; if your base LP is, your display url can be or


Please let me know if you require any additional clarification.

Thanks & regards,

Gokuldas K



Re: Using affiliate links with Upgraded URLs

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Hello Gokuldas,

Thanks a lot for your time! Unfortunately your explanation does not fully answer my question.

Previously with AdWords users were allowed to use clean redirects in the Destination URL.

So for example, if the Final URL was my destination URL could be would track some information and the clean redirect the user to

This was allowed because of the clean redirect, for the user it was as going straight to

With upgraded URLs, how can I use clean redirects for a scenario like the one I posted in my example, where the Final URL is different from the tracking URL domain.

Thanks again and excuse if I am not understanding correctly how to do it.