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Using Ad postings to vet news story credibility?

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Democratize Reading & Vetting of Articles
With there being so much attention being placed on the amount of fake news stories being released, to generate Ad revenue, a system must be created within the ads to get people to see how authoritative or false an article is.
Withhold the Ad Money given to these people that register to have ads put up on their site with "Questionable Content". . . If fake news groups don't get their money until their content is vetted, and it matches their stated purpose, the fake stories diminish/go away.
When websites register with Ad sites to have ads posted on their web page, they must first provide real names/accounts for you to track their activity, and the Ad sites must require the website to state their purpose. News, Fiction, Sports, Humor, etc. (This will require having Ad accounts for specific topical areas/pages on their website)
***The articles must then be vetted with a "Google Image Labeler" type game. This program though will be for text selections/articles. (People will see the article, read it, and label/rate it. When X # of random viewers identify it the same, it will be labeled next to the ads posted on the page as "0.00-99 % Google Labeler Certified" "News," "Fiction," "False," "Political Fiction," "Humor," etc.). This can also provide data on parts of the country that view/review the article and identify it a certain way; a tool/product for political campaigns.
BONUS: A points/rewards/punishment system must then be set up for people participating in this vetting process. As more participants review/vet the articles, points are allotted in increasing amounts.
This can:
1) Encourage Reading 8-) -The educator in me- It can reward those that read the article first with more points for identifying/rating it correctly, in accordance to how others in the future identify/rate it.
2) Encourage individuals to check sources, use the Internet or authoritative materials to properly vet articles.
3) Offer "Monetary Incentive$"
4) Give people more to do on the Internet
This also ensures that those paying to advertise don't get bad press for being associated with these fake news stories. OR Ads can better target users.
Finally a fee/reward structure can be created for websites that honestly state what their articles represent.

Using Ad postings to vet news story credibility?

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