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Usage of Google Forwarding Number for Call Only Extension Search Type

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While going through Network Search by Call only for one of campaign i came across few queries below.


1) If any campaign is using its search by Call extension only, then is it mandatory to add a call extension to it in the campaign page?

2) Will Google Forwarding Number be generated and alloted to the campaign in this case?

If Yes, will it forward the calls to the advertiser number?

3) How will the Metrics be tracked in this case?


Could you please help in providing the comments?










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Usage of Google Forwarding Number for Call Only Extension Search Type

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Hi Rahul,


Please find below the answers to your queries:

1) You have to add the call extension at the campaign level or the ad group level to get your number showed in the ads.

2) If you have created a call tracking conversion in the conversions tab with your call extension phone number, Google will allot a forwarding number.Yes, it will forward the calls to the number used in call extension.

Please find more info about call tracking conversion:

3) The metrics tracked would be the conversions from call extension or call only ads which you can see in the call extensions tab or against call only ads respectively.


Hope this helps!