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Upgraded Urls & Hashed Parameters

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Hello Community -


Quick question regarding upgraded URLs:

Some of our ads lead to a filtered page that uses hashed parameters. This allows us to send users to a more refined page of products they would be interested in.[product_type][0]=Cooling


The URL used to be:{keyword}&utm_campaign={campaignid}#q=&fR[product_type][0]=Cooling


Since the launch of upgraded URL's and the new tracking template we have been unable to use these URL's now because we receive a Final URL mismatch since it is not part of the tracking template (we have even added it to the tracking template to no avail). When we do based on AdWord's best practices we are given the following URL which doesn't work properly either:[product_type][0]=Cooling?utm_term={keyword}&utm_campaign={campaignid}


I have also attempted the following: to no avail either.


Is there a way that we aren't trying that we should be that would make the Final URL work appropriately?  We are using tracking templates at the ad level.


Appreciate the help in advance.

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Upgraded Urls & Hashed Parameters

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Hi Mihkey M,

Looks like there's an error in that post.


Final URL =

Tracking Template = {lpurl}?ref=google&{keyword}_{matchtype}&{_mytab}


Should probably look like this:

Final URL =

Tracking Template = {lpurl}?ref=google&{keyword}_{matchtype}#{_mytab}


For your example:

Final URL =

Tracking Template = [lpurl]?utm_term={keyword}&utm_campaign={campaignid}#q=&fR[product_type][0]=Cooling



You could create a custom variable and substitute that variable name where Cooling appears. That would allow you to use the same tracking template for all ads that need this format, then assign a value to that custom variable for each ad group or keyword.

Best of Luck!




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