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Upgraded URLs and anchor links

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Another question regarding upgraded URLs:

Some of my ads lead to an inner page on the site, and to a specific tab on the page using an anchor link. This is important since different tabs are relevant to different visitors.


The URL used to be{keyword}_{matchtype}#yellow

However, now with the upgraded URLs, I need to include the #yellow in the final URL, since it's not part of the tracking template. This creates this link, which doesn't work properly (doesn't go to the correct tab, since the anchor is not at the end):{keyword}_{matchtype}


Is there any way to get around this?

I'm using the tracking template at the campaign level, and don't want to start modifying each ad that has an anchor link. 






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Re: Upgraded URLs and anchor links

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Hmm... it's interesting!


How about using Custom Parameter for your 'anchor'?


Final URL =

Tracking Template = {lpurl}?ref=google&{keyword}_{matchtype}&{_mytab}


{_mytab} is the custom parameter here which you can use with the Tracking Template at campaign level in your existing setup. And at the individual ad/adgroup level (as required) you can pass the value for this custom parameter {_mytab}


If you pass #yellow as the custom parameter value at an adgroup level. All the ads in that ad group will have the following landing page url{keyword}_{matchtype}#yellow


It will take you to the tab you want. 


Hope it helps. 


Ratan Jha

Upgraded URLs and anchor links

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So confusing.


Upgraded URLs and anchor links

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Thank you for your answer! I was having this issue with some sitelink extensions that included anchors in the URL.


I noticed clicks were coming through as: and the URLs weren't being reported into Analytics clean.


I've added "anchor" as a custom parameter and adjusted the tracking template to:


{lpurl}?utm_campaign={_campaign}&{_anchor} >> It seemed including & also worked to hop to the anchor

Upgraded URLs and anchor links

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