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Unlock additional search results pages

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I have noticed that if you scroll through the Google search results pages for highly competitive keywords WITHOUT clicking an advert you will usually get a maximum of 4 or 5 search result pages showing ppc text adverts in the top 3 positions and  down the side of the page. 


However if you re-perform the same keyword search but this time CLICK a text advert, then go back to the search results page it unlocks further text ads past the usual 4 or 5 pages. It unlocks pages from page 5 to page 12 and sometimes more. The text ad advertisers in this bracket usually never show to viewing customers unless they have previously clicked onto another advert?


Using the preview tool it only shows the first 5 search results pages and then loops back to the first page of results. How does this impact those advertisers who are locked out of the top 5 pages of search they even enter the ad rank calculation?

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Re: Unlock additional search results pages

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Clicking on an ad signals an interest in ads. If the system perceives that you are interested in ads, it will show you as many ads as its metrics determine are appropriate. 


Aside from that, I would guess that so few people scroll that deeply into search results that it really doesn't make a significant difference whether ads would have been displayed there or not, does it? I would strongly doubt whether someone who bypasses the highest quality search result ads would click on a very low-ranking ad on page six, instead.


Even with a really high-performance advertising campaign, the odds are strongly against anyone actually clicking a paid ad at that point. Anyone who can't find what they're looking for in the first two or three pages of a Google search doesn't normally keep looking at more and more pages--they go back and refine their search to add or change words to change the results.


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