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Universal Tracking Code

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I have multiple AdWord Campaigns and AdGroups and my conversion is when someone fills out a form on the landing page. However, every page on my website has a form a user can fill out at the bottom to receive more information. What if that user clicks on the campaign link and then navigates from the landing page and then fills out a form on another page on my website? How do I still get that conversion? 





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Re: Universal Tracking Code

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Hi Gabriel ,
If you want to track a conversion from that page[Landing Page], then you have to use UTM [Universa Tag Manager] and in that form ask your developer to use some kind of URL fetch script, that is easy to use and update.
Then somebody send or fill form from your landing page then you will notice easily from which page you are getting conversion.
Example:- This code using for fetching IP address who is filling inquiry form.
Like this your developer will use URL fetching code.

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Re: Universal Tracking Code

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The two solutions are:

1. Have a landing page with no navigation. This is quite a common tactic.
2. Add conversion tracking to the other forms on your site.

People who click on your ads can browse your site and then convert - the conversion will still be assigned to the ad they clicked on.

Re: Universal Tracking Code

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Hi Gabriel,
Agreed with RobSkelton, You can create a separate landing page on the same domain without any other internal links within heading and footer and extra form.
Or also use conversion tracking for the other form also, it will be tracked as conversion.

Additionally there is another helpful metrics below:
Go to Tools >> attribution >> assisted conversions

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