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Two Conversions Codes - AdWords & Facebook

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I was wondering if you can have a google conversion code and facebook conversion code on the same landing page's thank you page?  Will the codes track the conversions separately?




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Re: Two Conversions Codes - AdWords & Facebook

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Hello and welcome to our community.

Can you please detail more clearly what you want to achieve? In principle you can even trigger two AdWords conversion codes on the same page, and an AdWords + a Facebook one should not cause any problems, as I doubt any variables are overlapping.

However, the expression "landing's page thank you page" is what I cannot quite understand. A landing page, on a website, is the first page a user sees during a certain visit. The page on which she lands, hence the name "landing page".

The "thank you page" is the page at the end of a successfully completed conversion.

Usually people do not land on a thank you page, that's why I'm asking you to detail, if possible.

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Re: Two Conversions Codes - AdWords & Facebook

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Hi Jamie,


That will work just fine. One will track AdWords conversions, the other tracks Facebook conversions. Each goes to a different server. Even if they share variable names, it will still track separately.


Question for you, where did you find the Facebook conversion code? I've looked and looked and can't seem to find it.


Best of Luck1




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