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Trueview video Completion % calculation

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I have a 2 part question in regards to the Trueview "video played to" metric in ad words for video:


1) I'm looking to clarify how % Watched is calculated within the Trueview format.  Is based on impressions or views? (see details below)

2) Why once we calculate the number of users who completed a 30 sec or 15 sec is always higher then the total number of views reported in ad words? (see details below)


1) I know the definition of "video player to" says that it's based on % completion of views.  I was always under the assumption that the % was based on how many people were served the ad (impressions) and of those impressions who completed 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.  Is that not the case?


We have client's asking for "user completes" which I normally would calculate by taking the 100% completion percentage and multiplying it by Impressions however the definition in support makes me think it should be multiplied by views instead.  Is that accurate?


2) No matter which metric I use to multiply by the 100% completion % it seems as though the user completes are always higher then the View delivered in ad words.  I assume that means that a not all views we ran we're attributed to the YouTube counter but is there any other explanation or discrepancy we should be seeing so we can inform  the clients?


Any insights would be much appreciated!





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Re: Trueview video Completion % calculation

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1. No, video played is calculated only to people who viewed it more than 5 seconds, or clicked on ad.
And view completion is calculated for people who viewed the video until some point (25%, 50%, etc.).
2. I don`t understand this so good, but you maybe have organic views until 100% if video is not private.
Please provide screenshot from AdWords for video, it is going to be much easier.