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Traffic not increasing Remarketing List

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Hi All,

  In one of my Adwords campaign, I am getting around 100 visitors in Analytics through all sources, but my Adwords remarketing list is notincreasing in the same ratio. List is increasing by 20-30 on daily basis and I already have the remarketing code on all the pages of website, so that I will not miss any visitor on site.





Re: Traffic not increasing Remarketing List

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Some thoughts about the causes of this problem :


1) How many from those 100 are "Returning visitors" and how many are "New" because the remarketing list holds 1 cookie per user (browser) so returning visits should not count.


2) How much traffic do you have from mobile ? I think the mobile visitors delete their cookies far more often than the desktop users


3) You have to think that the 20-30 per day is actually a substraction from : people who visited today minus (people for who the cookie has expired + people who deleted the remarketing cookie + people whos browser rejected the remarketing cookie from the start+people who have returned and already have the cookie) . So while new visits are a factor to make the list bigger there are many other factors that make the list go smaller.