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Tracking template for UTM tracking at Campaign Level

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Hi all,


I tried to use the tracking template feature to add UTM tracking but not sure if I did it correctly. Would be great if someone could check, since our CMS is not reflecting the UTM tracking. :-)


I want to track the following behind the final url: utm_source + utm_medium + campaign name.


At campaign level, I created this tracking template:


Tracking template: {lpurl}?utm_source=sourceX&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign={_content}

Custom parameter: {_content} = campaign-name


The landing page url is both for the ads and keywords the same.

When I go to ad level and click on editing ad > Ad URL options (advanced), then the tracking template is empty. But when I click on the Test button, then it seems to pull the campaign tracking template fine though, as I get this as test result (the Click URL looks right as we want to achieve it):


Tracking template
{lpurl}?utm_source=sourceX&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign={_content} (from campaign)
Final URL
Attribute used
{lpurl}: (from ad)
{_content}:campaign-name (from campaign)
Click URL
Did I overlook something in the tracking template or should it work correctly like this? (as then the problem might be in our CMS?)
Thanks a lot for any input!
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Re: Tracking template for UTM tracking at Campaign Level

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Hi Levina, how are things?


First, let me tell you that manually tag your URLs with GA UTMs is not a recommended way to go with. If you have the change, you should definitely link Adwords with Analytics and that will be done automatically. Only use manual tagging if by any chance you cannot sync the accounts. Here is how you link them:


Following to the URLs, I couldn't myself find any error on what you've posted. IT seems that everything is setup correctly, but one thing my be conflicting. If I understand right, you said that you're using URLs on both Ad Level and Keyword level, is that it?


If that's the case, then Adwords will consider ALWAYS your keyword URL and ignore ad url, so you have to make sure that the keyword level url have all the parameters you wish.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click