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Tracking multiple domains & conversion attribution

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Hello Adwords Community,


One of our e-commerce websites was suspended from advertising because of a policy violation. Rather than gutting our website we decided to create an alternative website, which looks quite a lot like our old website but is in compliance with all policies. We don't want to change our current e-commerce website out of organizational & SEO considerations.


So i have '' and '' which are basicaly the same websites besides one is in complete compliance with all advertising policies, while the other is not. There is no crosslinking between the websites, they're seperate entities. So our new website will function as a landingspage for our advertising efforts.


How should i track these, what makes the most sense? (Analytics + Adwords)


Preferably i'd like to use remarketing lists for visitors who have visited either domain. On our non compliant website we offer all the same products (and more) as we do at our compliant website. I would like to be able to serve people who visited an O.K. product on either website with dynamic product remarketing advertisements. I can't find anything on the topic. The product id would be exactly the same, but not the visited domain.


Would you suggest me to seperate the data in analytics, to not implement multiple domain tracking or would you suggest i track them as seperate instances. They are seperate entities, but if i were to seperate them reporting would take twice the effort wouldn't it. 


I'm a bit out of my depth here. I am hoping someone here has some good tips and considerations for me. 


Thanks in advance for any help, it's very much appreciated!





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Re: Tracking multiple domains & conversion attribution

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Hi Jelle W,


Forgetting about the fact that you have a policy-violating website, if you are asking how you should track movement between these two websites, I would suggest that you use Cross-Domain tracking and view that information in Google Analytics. 


With your question about Remarketing, this is where you will have an issue with your policy violation. There is nothing stopping you from putting remarketing code on multiple websites to grow your audience list and then use this audience in your Non-Dynamic Remarketing Campaign. As soon as you introduce your policy-violating URL your ads/campaign will be disapproved and it will not run. For Dynamic Remarketing, you'll have to provide the URL and it will have to be an approved URL. 


I would probably suggest that the easiest thing is for you to solve the policy violations on your website. 


Re: Tracking multiple domains & conversion attribution

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To clarify the policy violation. Our core business is a productgroup which under the implemented policy of september is in violation but was previous not in violation. (our products are in compliance with national/regional laws, just not googles policies) This productgroup is about a quarter of all of our products. it's not removing a few douzon products, it's literally hundreds of products. But the other three quarters of our products is not in violation and we would like to advertise for those aswell. So we use another domain with landingspages which are not in violation.

Clearing up the policy violations is not an option, the segment is far to important for us at this point in time.

So our landingspages on which we do want to advertise are perfectly fine. But they are a seperate domain, and our normal website gets all the organic traffic. Does this change your answer? Because as i gather you are under the assumption i would like to advertise with the suspended domain aswell, which is not the case.


Example: - has a product range which is in violation, suspended - website purged completely of the productgroup which is causing the suspension


We would like to remarket to the organicly landing product viewers from the domain aswell for products which are not in violating by redirecting them to landingspages which are in compliance with the policies on the .com domain. 


Were not trying to circumfent the policies in place. Our objective is not to get another site suspended. We just would like to maintain our core business organicaly, and keep on advertising for all the products which are absolutely harmless as if nothing changed besides the landing pages being on a different domain with no reference to the productgroup which is in violation.