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Tracking multiple conversions from the same client on different days.

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Here's a simple scenario:

Day 1: Let's say we have a client who comes in through Adwords by typing the keyword [website]. He makes a purchase on our site, which is recorded as 1 conversion for the keyword [website].

Day 2: Now let's say the same client comes back to the site using a bookmark on his Google Chrome. On day 2 he makes another purchase.

How is Adwords tracking this? Is Adwords going to update the stats for Day 1 and now show 2 conersions from [website] on Day 1?
Or is Adwords going to show 1 conversion for [website] on Day 2 but 0 clicks?
Or is Adwords going to ignore that conversion on Day 2, which isn't going to appear in the stats?

Thanks for your help understanding this.

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Tracking multiple conversions from the same client on different days.

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Hi Pierre,


This is complicated and your scenario is uncommon, and not worth spending a lot of time worrying about, and it is aggregated results that you should be looking at. I presume you are talking about AdWords conversions and not imported Analytics goals.


AdWords conversions are allocated to the last ad impression. For view-through conversions if they didn't click on the ad, and regular conversions if they did click on it.


So all reporting on what the searcher does with the ad and on your site will be for the date of the ad impression.


In your example, if he ad impression was on Jan 4, and the purchase was on Jan 8, then from Jan 8 onwards a conversion will appear for Jan 4.


Conversions can be set to count one or count many. If it is set to count one, then any subsequent purchases will not be counted.


If it is set to many, they will also be counted depending on the settings for conversion window you made when creating the conversion. 


More here:


So you can see conversions increase for a paused campaign, days after it is paused. There is a report that helps you understand the delays:




Tracking multiple conversions from the same client on different days.

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To add, assuming the default setting is chosen: Adwords will count 2 conversions attributed to one click (the last click)

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Tracking multiple conversions from the same client on different days.

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Hi @Pierre G


Just to add to the above comments, I also find it useful to consider when you report on activity for yourself or client. For example, if your chosen activity is reported for the previous day only 1 day after, this can often yield results that in the above scenario aren't counted or considered depending on your conversion window and how conversions are counted. This may be particularly relevant if your reporting is done for the previous month on the 1st or 2nd of the subsequent month. I find it useful to revisit the reporting or build a possible 'expected' ROI model based on conversion windows. You may even perhaps build in a custom attribution model 14 days, 30 days and even 60 days subsequent of the month end to get a full picture of your investment. This doesn't just apply to bookmarked return visits but can be applied to many scenarios and attribution models. I agree with @RobSkelton i rarely see such scenarios these days and personally wouldn't worry too much about this in my honest opinion unless there is good reason to- particularly if you use aggregated results and sensible retrospective reporting time frames. 


Good luck with everything





Tracking multiple conversions from the same client on different days.

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Thanks, that perfectly answers my question.