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Tracking multiple conversion points

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Hi i currently have a form on my website, which requires the client to fill out information in order to get to the next page. 


I have currently installed Google Adwords conversion tracking on the form page (when they land on the form page) which triggers a conversion in Google Adowrds for keywords and ads. 


However on top of that i want to add conversion tracking on purchase transactions aswell. To identify which keywords/ads resulted in conversions. 


So after the potential client has filled out the form, they are presented witht he option of purcahsing the service. This is where i want to  add conversiont tracking - on the page after purchase. 


In total there would be two conversion points. So lets say they come to the site from keyword A, go to the form page (Conv 1-per-click triggered), then make a purcahse (Conversion 2). I want adwords to show both conversion 1 and conversion 2 data for each keyword/ad


Can i do this?




Re: Tracking multiple conversion points

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Hi Chris C,


Welcome to the community..


Yes you can do this but it doesn't make any sense to install the conversion code in the landing page(form page) because for each click in the ad will be counted as a conversion.If you look at your clicks column in the adwords dashboard you will be easily find out how many people are visiting your page by clicking the ad.You will also find out which keywords and ads are getting maximum visitors.


Better it make sense to install the conversion code in the Purchase thank you page only(where customer will reach after a successfull transaction).


Now if you really want to track the visitors that coming to you landing page you can use Google Analytics where you need to create a goal with your landing page url.