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Tracking issues

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i'm managing an account and we have a camaign which is driving traffic to the page, but although we know that there are some sales ebing generated (since there have been specifi coupon redemtions) these are not being tracked.


i'm not sure why - but one of the things I have noticed (actually a couple of things) is that once a visitor leaves the landing page (which has the tracknig code on it) then the next pages they get to all have two sets of GA code on them (I know we should remove one of them - I'd appreciate advice as to which one would be best to leave active on the site)... one is in the head section (again - I think that is not recommended, but I don't think it would make a massive difference) the other is at the bottom of the page.


I've attached screenshots - because the code is different.


Can anyone shine a light on what having these two codes on the page would do? do they conflict? Do we measure very visit twice? does the second cancel out the first and is this why we are not seeing the visits as coming from the landing page, but perhaps as an internal referral?


any help much appreciated!











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Re: Tracking issues

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Hi stickelback,


Yes, you have 2 blocks of GA code. Actually, the one in the head is preferred these days as it loads asynchronously. That means the browse can continue to render the page while the script loads and executes.


But the bottom block of code includes stuff that is not in the head section of code. The bottom code includes balues that indicate checkout is on a different domain. If that is true, you'll need to add that stuff to the code in the head. I think it would be this, but you should probably look this up in Analytics help to be sure:


var _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-9999999-4']);

var _gaq.push(['_setDomainName','none']);

var _gaq.push(['_setAllowLinker',true]);

var _gaq.push(['_trackPageview''];


Follow this by the function code that is already in the head section.


For tracking your sales, I recommend using the AdWords conversion script rather than goals. You will be able to provide the actual sale amount that way. If you do install the conversion script, delete the goal as an AdWords conversion or all covnersions will be counted twice.


Best of Luck!




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Re: Tracking issues

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Thanks, Pete - that helps a lot.


I got the client to remove the second code snippet - but the problem persisted... I'v since noticed that we have double code snippets on a number of the cart pages  - these are on the same domain - not even a subdomain - so this is what seems to be making a lot of the sales track throgh as internal referrals.


This is an old site, and one which I've recently been working on, these things just keep surfacing - every page seems to have some kind of hangover from years ago!


Thanks for the heads up - it's great to have your input on this.


I'll come back and post a soluition when I get to the bottom of it!



Re: Tracking issues

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By the way - you mention using AdWords canversions rather than the analytics goals - I've looked at this, but am confused as to hoew to get the actual sales values recorded if the sales value differ from sale to sale - is there a script that will capture that from the checkout page? If there is, then I'm not sure this cart will be compatible - it's so old it doesn't have any way of adding GA ECommerce tracking.... truth be told, we've recommended to the client that they update - they seem to want to put that off until the current cart breaks and then tackle the problem....


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Re: Tracking issues

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Hi stickleback, you've touched a nerve with me there, I've just ranted on my blog about CMSs that don't provide solid methods for adding Adwords Conversion code and/or Analytics...


The Conversion Code snippet has a line in it for the value of the conversion that reads:


var google_conversion_value =


If there's been a value given at the time the code was set up in the account, that'll be what follows the = sign.  If not it'll be 0.  If you want to use the actual value of a sale all you need to do is replace the figure with an appropriate value from the page converting.  For example, if this was a PHP page and the total order value was stored in a variable called $total_order_value, this line would end up as:


var google_conversion_value = "<?php echo $total_order_value;?>";


Doing this also allows you to play with the value reported.  For example, you might want to report only a % of the actual value so that what reports back to Adwords is a net profit rather than a gross, making it easier to check for a positive ROI.


Although it's tough, there's usually some way to add GA/Conversions to a site; the only time this wouldn't be possible would be if the site is for multiple users and has a common confirmation page.  For example, although it may seem messy on WordPress to do it through the Admin panel, all you have to do with WPEC is edit the wpsc_transaction_results.php page directly.




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Re: Tracking issues

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Thanks, Jon....


I feel like someone just pulled back the curtain!


I have tended to steer away from AdWords converiosns - for two reasoins - the first is that you simply don't see them in Analytics - altough I appreciate that you can set up a parallel goal.


The second is that you couldn't (I thought) capture the real conversion value - but I now see that htis will be possible in a number of cases (unfortunately not all)


I have a couple of clients whi are using more recent eCommerce solutions - and after a few days, an analytics conversion appeared ready for import which tracks "Transaction" - this was wonderful - the transaction and the value all without me having to configure anything at all.... the only thing left to deal with is the 48 hour time lag between GA and AdWords!


I am so pleased to have touched a nerve!