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Tracking issues

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I have a client who runs an online store.


The store is in 3 languagfes and there is a back end facility for addin the Analytics code into the heasd section.


The store provides a more extensive code which tracks sales as well as the Google code which is embedded in the script.


Whilst GA is tracking clicks from AdWords, it's not tracking visits.


The accounts are linked and the data source is correct. Autotagging is on. I can see the code in the head section of the pages.


So here's which I did - I removed the more sophisitcated trtacking code and pasted in the "simple" version for the account.


THe very first VISIT - then recorded.... but only the first. I swapped the code back to the original "store version" - nothing. I switched back and again the very first visited registered, but only the very first. After that no more visits are recorded - just the clicks.


Ther store support tells me that this is a GA problem - not theirs (I don't see how this can be since the code can be seen on the page). Does nayone have any insights or ideas - I'll try almost anything at this point.







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Re: Tracking issues

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Could you provide us with a URL for the store?

Re: Tracking issues

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Hi sticklebax,


This might not be the best place to ask your question as it relates directly to Analytics and not too much to AdWords. But, let's see what we can do.


You say it's not tracking visits. Do you mean that GA shows no visits from anyone?


You said GA only tracks the first visit. I'm trying to understand what you are looking for. If you click on your ad once, it will result in one click being registered in AdWords and one visit in Analytics. If you click on your ad again, using the same browser adn computer, the result is an additional click in AdWords, but still only one visit in Analytics. Clicks and visits do not measure the same thing.


If this isn't what you're looking at, jplease let us know.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Tracking issues

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Hi Pete,


I'm not clicking on the ads - I do appreciate the point about muliple visits from the same person...


No - there are an average of 50 or so clicks in AdWords - wehich are being recorded in Anlytics as clicks, but not visits.


However, when I swithced the code I did get a single visit (recorded as a visit) in Analytics - but only one - despite the fact that there will have been well over a hundred more since.


This is the site :


As you can see the GA code is installed (there is some more code later and this os from the platform themselves - they assure me that this will not interfere with our tracking).


As I also memntioned - the acounts are linked and the data source is correct - i.e. the AdWords account.


It's very confusing and frustrating. The store software support people have now washed their hands and tell me that it is a GA issue...


Thanks for your help on this

Re: Tracking issues

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Looks like there is code on the site for 2 different Analytics accounts (UA-16295757-1 AND UA-18618721-2).

Sorry, I can´t give you any help here, I´d suggest you send a ticket to the Analytics crew.