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Tracking conversions when user navigates elsewhere?

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Hi everyone,


Here's a scenario that I'd like your expertise with:


  • AdWords account contains two conversions that were created
  • Conversion #1 Code appears on Conversion #1 Page and Conversion #2 Code appears on Conversion #2 Page
  • User clicks on an ad, gets taken to a landing page, but instead of completing the form and arriving at the Conversion #1 Page, he browses more of the website and ends up completing a different form, taking him to the Conversion #2 Page

So given this scenario, would the end result be a conversion tracked under Conversion #2 even though the user originally clicked on an ad destined to a landing page + form that would ultimately take them to the Conversion #1 Page?  Or would no conversion be tracked?

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Re: Tracking conversions when user navigates elsewhere?

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If the conversion Code 1 is the "thank you page" for completion of action of Conversion 1, and the USER never hit that Conversion 2 thank you page, but Went on and completed the action necessary to trigger Conversion 2, then Conversion 2 would be tracked and counted.

Conversion is counted when the action takes place. IE Goes to a "thank you page of some sort" which had the tracking code, or in other instances Google Analytics Tracking and GOAL created for that action.

In your scenario, It sounds like the "User" lands on a page but doesn't complete the action of conversion 1 but rather completes the action of conversion 2. Therefore, Only Conversion 2 is counted because that was completed.

I hope that helps ( if I understood your question correctly)

Re: Tracking conversions when user navigates elsewhere?

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Thanks for taking the time to figure this out and provide a detailed reply Eric!