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Tracking conversion purchase and add to cart together

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Hi everyone,


I'm a developer, so I'm a really newbie with adwords.

I created two conversion action on adwords:
1) "add to cart", the conversion (conversion on click) action is called when user click on a button to add product to his cart (my add to cart is through ajax)

2) "purchase", the conversion (conversion on load) is in the landing page after a positive payment.

I suspect that the first conversion prevent the second to be called, is this true? And if this is true, how can I track both conversion if they occurs?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Tracking conversion purchase and add to cart together

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My opinion would be that in case you want to track how many people clicked on add to cart button, you could track that as an Event also inside Google Analytics if you have linked it with AdWords. Then you can import those Event Goals as conversions inside AdWords. More details on creating Events as goals here:-


Re: Tracking conversion purchase and add to cart together

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I agree. You're better off tracking the "Add to Cart" event in Analytics. Also, look into Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for Analytics, which will give you good data about your entire purchase funnel, where people are dropping off, etc..

As far as AdWords is concerned, I believe the two conversions will not conflict with each other, but you'll see double counted conversions, which could make it hard to optimize the account. If someone clicks add to cart, and then completes a purchase, AdWords will report that two conversions happened, even though only one purchase was made.

If you're sure you want to track both actions in AdWords, there are a couple of additional steps I would take. In the settings of each conversion action in AdWords, for 'Include in "Conversions"', set Add to Cart to "No" and Purchase to "Yes". That way, in your main conversion column, you'll only see the conversions that actually bring revenue. It will also ensure that if you ever use any of Google's conversion optimization tools, Google will only be optimizing toward your revenue goals. You can still see all your conversions rolled up in the "Total Conversions" column, or you could create Custom columns to show individual conversion actions.