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Tracking conversion actions which don't have a success page or lead to a third party website.

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How do you track Conversions when you don’t have the success page or the page is on a third party site?


One of the best workarounds is to track the Submit button link of the page before it redirects to the third party site or if the page doesn't change at all.  

This can be done using Event tracking as a Goal through Analytics and importing the same goal into AdWords.


What does Event Tracking do?


Event tracking is used to track what can be identified as interactions on your Website by Google Analytics. An example of an interaction would be a click on a Submit Button after completing a registration form or a download button for a PDF file or a click on the Video play button in case of a Video.

Tracking these actions as goal is a further step in Analytics as you can then use reports like the Multi Channel Funnel to get more detailed analysis on your Conversion paths. You can import these event goals into AdWords to get a clear understanding of your conversions across your campaigns, Adgroups and Keywords.


We can break this process into 3 parts to make it simple.

1) Add the Event tracking code on the required Webpage which has the action. (Submit button)

2) Set up the Event Goal within Analytics

3) Importing the Goal into AdWords from Analytics

1) Add the Event tracking code on the required Webpage which has the action.

The setup for you to follow in case you are familiar with making changes to your site source is given here

You can forward the link to your Web-team to implement as well.


The Event tracking code basically follows this format:

ga('send', 'event', 'Category', 'Action', 'Label', Value);​


For Example if you were tracking a Submit Button on your webpage the Code above could be modified accordingly :

ga('send', 'event', 'button', 'click', 'Submit Button', 0);​



button: Category (necessary)
Click: Action (necessary)
Label: Submit Button
Value: 0


2) Set up the Event Goal within Analytics


You now need to create an Event Goal so that they can be imported into AdWords.

To setup Event Goals within Analytics:


  • Log into Analytics
  • Click on Admin
  • Choose the right account, property and View
  • Click on Goals under the View Column
  • Click on Create a New Goal
  • Choose Custom
  • Add the name of the Goal
  • For the Goal Type Choose : Event

Now you will need to add the Category, Action, Label and Value as defined within the code on your site :

So if the Code was : ga('send', 'event', 'button', 'click', 'Submit Button', 0);​


  • In the Category add : button
  • in the Action add : click
  • Label : Submit Button
  • Value : 0

Event Tracking

  • You can choose to have a monetary value for the goal if you wish or add it within the code in the Value field.
  • Click on Create Goal

3) Importing the Goal into AdWords (Please remember your AdWords and Analytics Accounts need to be linked to do is)


Once you have created the Goal, it should be available to import within AdWords immediately. In case you don't see it just wait a few hours as there might be a delay. 


To import the Goal : 


Login into your AdWords account>>Click on Tools>>Conversions>>Google Analytics


Import from Analytics.png

You should see your Conversion Event goal name displayed. All you need to do now is select it, click on Continue, add your required settings and Import it.

Once imported, the event data from your Analytics account will report in AdWords every 48 hours and against all your Campaigns etc.

Let us know if you have any questions about using Events in AdWords. Have a pleasant day!



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Re: Tracking conversion actions which don't have a success page or lea

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Hi Ishan,

Thanks for the pretty detailed post. Though the method you use, hasnt always given the most accurate measure of conversions, specially when its a lead form fill... I guess thats one of the easiest ways to do it. You will be tracking a conversion even if someone fills in an unacceptable value and your form is not submitted.
Another thing I have implemented for one of my client's is to create a ghost page once the button is clicked and run the Conversion code there. This sort of ensures that a conversion is tracked only when there is a valid form submission.

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Re: Tracking conversion actions which don't have a success page or lea

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Hey Shweta,


Thanks for replying. That sounds like a great alternative too. I guess you'd be referring to AdWords Conversion tracking. I've seen users use a Contact form 7 to implement the AdWords code on the button. 


Yes, I am trying to keep it simple with Analytics for micro conversions Smiley Happy The other advantage is viewing Conversion paths within the MCF for these interactions and it helps reduce bounce rate too. 





Re: Tracking conversion actions which don't have a success page or lea

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Hi Ishan,


Thanks for sharing!


Here is the alternative -


- Sanjay