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Tracking Conversions from Youtube Truview

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Hi, I've been testing Youtube Truview ads for about 10 days; the goal is to get customers to click through and sign up for a web-based parenting app. I'm targeting the Interest group "Savvy Parents" and ages 25-34 for now. So far I've had 4,450 views and 792 web site clicks to the same landing page template as I use for my search and display channels. But while search and display typically get conversion rates between 5-15% I've only gotten three from video, a conversion rate of about .004%. That just seems far too low, and I'm not sure what to do. I double-checked that the conversion tracking code is setup properly on the landing page, and the video itself seems plenty relevant.


I spoke to an Adwords rep who told me Adwords only reports a conversion if a user clicks and converts after a video ad has finished playing--can anyone confirm whether this is the case? If so that doesn't seem a very useful system--is there a reliable way to track conversions from Trueview clicks before the video finishes? Or is it possible that this campaign is such a dud that it really is getting a .004% conversion rate despite using the same landing pages that work for other campaigns?

Re: Tracking Conversions from Youtube Truview

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Hi Casey,

I just begun to play with the settings, can you please tell me how exactly you do the conversions tracking? i don't know how to set it up.

I am testing different types of targeting, but no relevant results for now, if you look at the videos  that your ad has been placed according to topics interests and age, you will have serious doubts.