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Tracking Converisions More Accurate

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I have installed the Conversions Tracking on my website, which I am very grateful for. It has opened my eyes to some wasteful keywords which has helped me maximize my ad return.


I have ran into this issue though and I am trying to come up with a solution.


For example, on Thursday...I created 3 leads.


Of the 3 leads created, 2 had value, while one had zero value.


When I check adwords and analytics, it tracked all three conversions.


Let's say I am offering landscaping design all over the USA.


1. " Find lanscape designer"- 1 Conv.
2. "Find landscapedesigner"- 1 Conv.
3. "Landscape Designer Florida- 1 Conv.


None of the leads that were created was for anyone located in FL, so I am not sure how that happened.


Furthermore, only two of the leads were considered good leads, 1 was worthless.


I am wondering, are they a solution that would allow my to track which keywords are creating actual good leads for me.


The only thing I can think of is pull my e-mail time stamp (how I receive the leads), plus pull the analytics hour by hour report, then match up each lead to the analytics hour by hour report.


Are they an easier way to do this though? More accurate? Less time consuming?

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Tracking Converisions More Accurate

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Hi @Luke M,


This is my understanding of the query. Let's say when the user completes and submits an online form it is counted as a conversion per your settings. Now your received 3 submissions and only liked 2 of them. While the system offers you ways to trace down the conversions to the appropriate keywords it cannot follow which one of them you did or didn't like. If you are lucky, you may find an hour of the day segmentation in the account or a geographic (in case you use utm tags) segmentation in the website log and connect the submissions you did or didn't like to their keywords. That's a tedious job, you are right.