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Tracking Click-Events on AdWords Destination URLs

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I'm trying to figure out what our Users are doing on a specific AdWords landing page after they clicked an Ad.

As far as I can see Google Analytics does not allow to correlate AdWords-Reports with Click-Event-Metrics.

Am I guessing right? Is there some other way to get those informations in GA?


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Re: Tracking Click-Events on AdWords Destination URLs

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It's a three step process... you need to first set up the event tracking in GA - personally, I like to use the really east Google Tag Manager options of this - but you can "hard" code it if you want.

Once the events are working you can set up a GA goal set to fire each time the event is triggered.

Then you can import that GA goal back into AdWords as a conversion... it feels a bit clunky, I know....

Re: Tracking Click-Events on AdWords Destination URLs

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Hi Mladen, how are things?

I agree with stickleback. Events are the best way to do it.

Just be sure about what kind of CLICK you want to measure. Like if you're hoping to measure a click from a SUBMIT button, you should trigger the code only when the form is successfully sent, otherwise you'll be counting conversions when someone made a typo on your form and didn't submit.

If you're using Universal Analytics (which you should), you can check about Events here (classic analytics use a different code structure):

Then, you will want to use the names of your event to create a Goal. Here's how:

And finally, I'd want to link Adwords with Analytics to import your goals:

Goals imported from Analytics by linked accounts take 2 days (48h) to appear on Adwords. Current day and Last Day will always have 0 conversions.

Hope this helps,

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Tracking Click-Events on AdWords Destination URLs

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Hi @Mladen L,

If this is an AdWords specific landing page, maybe the behaviour / site content / landing page report will do the job in combination to the goal set or e-commerce tab.
You can also create a new analytics view filtering only this landing page to track the behaviour, or you can create some custom variable to track the visitor.
To give you the best possible option can you please specify what do you want to track after the visitor landed on the page?