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Tracking 10,000 unique URLs for a directory search ad?

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A large (1000+) professional organization has asked me to create Google Adwords campaign that would drive people to their directory "search for an X" page. You could choose an X based on location (about 10 major areas) and then based on sub specialty (10 major sub specialties).


In order to track the effectiveness of the campaign I was going to replicate the geographic areas for the ads "Find an X in Chico" and "Find a sub specialty X in Chico" then create a listing with all the members in that area with unique trackable URLs (from URL builder) so that the professional organization could say "our ad drove 24 prospects seeking sub specialty A to your web site and 19 seeking sub specialty B."   The final third party page may or may not have Google Analytics installed so I'm pretty sure I have to create unqiue URLs to track everything.


Question: Do I really have to create 10,000+ unique trackable URLs in the directory to track the effectiveness of the campaign? Is there a better approach?

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Re: Tracking 10,000 unique URLs for a directory search ad?

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Hi Don,


Thank you for posting on our Community forum. This is an interesting question you posed. First, I would ask the question how are you tracking these conversions? Conversions in Adwords are based on clicks.
Conversions in Analytics are based on visits. Since you stated that you will be creating a Google AdWords campaign, I assume you will want to use our AdWords conversion tracking. If this is the case, then yes you may need to create a snippet for each unique trackable URLs in the directory. 


If you want to use Analytics to track the conversions, you can post your same question on the Analytics Community forum here:!forum/analytics



I also welcome any input from some of our more experienced Community members, especially from the Top Contributors or Rising Stars.