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Track website conversions with GTM

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Hi guys,

I'd like to track a click on a link on a landingpage which refers to my homepage


I've found this source for tracking google adwords:


It talks about two steps:

1) Get the conversion tracking tag from your AdWords account

2) Add the tag to your website



Now, how can I do this with GTM?

Can I even do the "Setting up an onclick handler for conversion" with GTM without changing anything on my page?


Any hint would be appreciated.




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Re: Track website conversions with GTM

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Hey Peter, how are things?

Google Adwords Conversions tag are used for measuring the main purpose of your website such as a sale, a form subscription and that kind of thing,

If you want to measure clicks on links, you should use Google Analytics Events. That's very good, becayse they'll not interfere with your main conversions.

This page covers what you need for creating a analytics event:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

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Re: Track website conversions with GTM

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Hi Peter
There are a number of ways to do this. It's actually a surprisingly common question.

I wrote a blog post about this here :

It goes through 3 different options available to you. With GTM though it's a little bit trickier.

If I were you, for such a simple conversion, I'd go with what Leandro suggested and use GA events as a goal and then import this into AdWords.

To be honest, a click to the homepage in my opinion isn't a very good conversion in AdWords but you might have a perfectly valid reason for it. I can't understand why you'd want to track a click to a link as a conversion when you can just send the traffic direct. I'd love to hear your use case though, I'm always interested in hearing those stories.

If you want to provide a more comprehensive description of your requirements, we can probably offer some advice and possibly provide more customized steps for implementing this.

Whatever route you choose, you'll have to make code adjustments. You won't be able to do this 100% in GTM. At least not the way I read the original scenario.