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Track conversions product based

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Hi all,


I have a question about tracking. 

We are selling 10 products right now.

Is it possible to track which products actually converted?


I mean if we have 5 conversions, I cannot tell which products are bought by customers.

(Goods A.. 3 bought, Goods B... 2 bought, Goods C... 0 bought... something like that. )


Our shopping cart shares one thank-you page, but if we have individual thank-you pages, 

can we track these product based conversions?

Or, if we can set parameter dynamically, can we do?


I'm not an English speaker, so sorry I cannot explain very well.





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Re: Track conversions product based

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Hi iKumi

One suggestion, you can check at product keywords level to see which products are sold. For e.g. if you are selling mobiles, refrigerators, lcds etc. then then you would be targeting these keywords like buy mobiles, buy refrigerators etc., so if you look at keyword level then you would come to know which products are sold.

Hope this make sense!

BTW, if you use individual thank you page and separate conversion tracking code then you would definitely segregate the conversion data on the basis of conversion names option available in segment drop down menu.

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Re: Track conversions product based

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Hi Ikumi,

If you are using Google Analytics, set up eCommerce transaction tracking code on the thank you page, then import the transactions as conversions. This will track most of the purchases. Analytics will reassign the source if the visitor returns with a non-direct source, so some of those transactions will not be attributed to AdWords, although AdWords will count them as conversions. Use the multi-channel sales funnel to pick up some of those transactions.

I set a cookie on the browser when the visitor hits a landing page after an AdWords click. Then when the customer checks out, I look for that cookie. If I find the cookie, I save the source as AdWords. This lets me identify all orders from customer originally having come from AdWords, but it does not give me data about the keyword, ad copy, ad group or campaign.

Our shopping cart is home-made, so I can do this. Your shopping cart should have the option to add transaction tracking code to your thank you page.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Track conversions product based

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Hi, Abhisheck S and petebardo,

Thank you very much for the answer!
I'm not familiar with setting cookie, but this one should be the best solution for us.

Best regards,