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I have a customer that wants to try an limited offer for Adwords. 

xx% on your first purchase or something similar. The customer is asking if it is possible to populate unique codes for each user in Adwords. I have never heard about this or done any campaigns like that so I wondering if any of you have tried it? Or if you know what is best practice for these kinds of offers.


My plan was to use the xx% off text i the Adtext and then that the customers system would identify which where the new customers and give them the discount.


Does anyone have any input regarding this?


Best regards


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Re: Track Discounts

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I think it should be possible to do this, to some extent, using remarketing (I am assuming you are advertising on GDN). If the discount xx% is same for all the new visitors, then you can have this in your ad text and you can have a different ad text for the list "All visitors"in your account. This way all new visitors will be shown the ad with xx% discount and once they visit the website and get added to the all visitors list, they will be shown a different ad the next time.
If I have misinterpreted your question and you are asking about a unique ad text to every visitor, then I am not sure if such a way exists.

Re: Track Discounts

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Hi Emelie,

It is possible with the Remarketing.
If it is on the search network, you can go with RLSA where you can show customized ads to the user who have already visited your website or users who have visited specific urls. you can create different ads for those users with different discounts and can use bid adjustments for these customized ads.
suppose your text ads offers 30% discount and now you can change the discount % in custom ads through RLSA to the users of the thankyou page(after shopping or conversion) url or any other webpage.
Similarly you can go with dynamic remarketing if it is on display network,

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Re: Track Discounts

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Thank you both!
I think it will be RLSA that works best=)