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Total impression calculation

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Things just don't add up!  How is it possible that my total impressions are in excess of 1600 for the day and yet the individual impressions for each keyword add up to less than 900?  I would be so grateful if somebody could explain the totals to me in language that an idiot could understandWoman Embarassed

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Re: Total impression calculation

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Hello Deb ! Welcome to the Community !


Could you please help us "see what you see" with a print screen ? You can easily upload it in your initial message using the little "wheel" button to to upper right corner of your message window like this :




Then click on the green tree to upload the image :




1) Is it possible that the total of 1600 includes statistics from deleted keywords that are hidden by default from your view ?


2) At what tab are you looking when you see 1600 ? Are you looking at the Dimensions tab or at the "All online campaigns tab" ? 


3) Are you using the same "time frame" for the two numbers ?

Re: Total impression calculation

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Hi Deb F,

My best guess here is that you are running a combined Search and Display Network campaign. Clicks from the DN are not attributed to any single keyword, but they are counted on the Keywords tab. Who knows why they do that?

But that's probably the deal here. This indicates you have about 900 clicks from search and about 800 from display.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Total impression calculation

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Hi Deb,


I was just having this issue as well, but since I did not have a dsiplay campaign running this thread did not answer my question. I did a bit more digging and found my issue. FIgured I would share in case you were still wondering.


I had only enabled campaigns and ad groups visible before selecting the keywords tab. Therefore, data for paused and deleted keywords within paused and deleted campaigns, that had been active at some point during my selected timeframe, were not being calculated into the 'Total - all paused and deleted keywords' data listing. Make sense? So, all you should do to see your numbers ad up is make sure you have ALL Campaigns and ALL ad groups visible before going to your keywords tab.


I hope this helps,