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Total Costs

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I have an issue regarding my Total Costs vs. the information in my Billing Statement. Sorry if this will be a bit confusing, but I am lost as to which information I have to follow. I will try to organize this enquiry as neatly as possible.



*I will be using Philippine Currency as my example (Php)
*This is the first time I'm using Ad Words

*I only have one ad running (a video ad on youtube)

*I have a promotion code for P2,000 when I've spent at least P500



1. Under the campaign tab, it says that my Total cost this October 23-24 for the one Ad I have is Php559.79.

2. I went to look at my Billing and saw that my ending balance (All Time) was Php101.88. It also mentions Php 101.88 on the "Make a Payment" option.

3. For the promotional code, it says that I have used up Php387.47 out of the Php500 requirement to use the Php2,000 promotional code.

I want to know how much I'm going to pay in all. Any help?

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October 2016

Total Costs

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Hi @Chael A,


When dealing with promotional codes, once the spend/activity requirements of that promotion is fulfilled, that promotion amount will be applied to your AdWords account the same as a payment. Please note that there is typically a time restraint to reach the spend amount with your account, so you will want to make sure to follow all of the instructions listed with the promotion code.  


However, once you meet the requirements, you can treat the promotion amount as a payment (credit) to your total amount due (debit) for that billing period. If you open up AdWords, click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, and click on Billing, you can see all the activity with your AdWords account. If you go there and click on Manage Promotional Codes (in the center block showing your payment options (How you Pay), you can see more info about it. 


Example Promotional Code: 


Spend $500 and get $1000 promotional credit. 


I spend $1100... AdWords will give me a credit for $1000 and I would only owe $100.


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