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To congfigure a Conversion Funnel

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Hi everyone,


I have got contact forms on my website. Each one has two steps. When a user has gone trough the two steps, it is when i count a conversion. The contact form are made using gravity form.


I observed two rules:

1 - My first step always contains /contactform.../ in the URL

2 - When you are at the second step a # is always added to the URL.


So logically i made rules to create my conversion funnel:

Step 1 - Contains */contactform*

Step 2 - Contains *#*


It is not working at all, any input to help me out ? Smiley Happy

Re: To congfigure a Conversion Funnel

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With gravity forums, you have to set a confirmation page Thank you URL. So create the Thank you page URL. Add that URL as the confirmation page for the last step in the gravity forums. Then in analytics Goals, add the URL of that final step as a goal.

That Goal should now be able to be imported and captured through Adwords if both adwords and analtyics are associated.

Conversions funnel would be: (however you named the URL strings


The use of * and # is the issue, you want a straight URL.

Hope that helps

Re: To congfigure a Conversion Funnel

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Thank you for your answer. The fact is i have a two step contact form so i want to see how many people quit my conversion funnel when they get to step two!