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Time of Conversion

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Hello all,


I've been searching for quite some time and followed the steps as given by Google, yet I can't seem to figure out where I can see at which times/dates my conversions were made. 


Lets say, for instance, I have a contact form on my website. A conversion, in this case, is a completed and sent contactform. Person A comes to my website after clicking on an AdWords ad. If I would want to register every time and date that someone has filled in a contactform after clicking on my AdWords ad, where would I find this?


I have set up the conversion tracking through AdWords, but now I want an overview of which of my contact forms (that I receive in my mailbox) actually came through AdWords.


Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Time of Conversion

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Hi Marit,

You can go to the dimensions tab and look at the time reports. You can look at actual dates, day of week (Sunday-Saturday) or hour of day. Note, these are all three separate reports - so you won't actually be able to see the date *and* time that each conversion happened. You'll just be able to see how many conversions happen on Sunday vs Monday vs Tuesday, etc. and, separately, how many conversions happen at midnight vs 1am vs 2am, etc. Make sense?

The best way to drill down to exact dates and times would be to create a report in Google Analytics. Set your metric group to be the goal completion that corresponds with your contact form. Then add two dimensions: the first should be "day of the month" and the second should be "hour". Just be sure that you don't pull two months of data at once because you will only see the day number (1-31) - not the month.

There isn't any identifiable information tracked in AdWords, so you wouldn't exactly be able to determine which of your leads came from AdWords unless you had additional back-end tracking, or were able to patch the times of the leads to your reports.

Hope this helps!

Re: Time of Conversion

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Hi Marit, how are things?

Amy gave a lot of good infos there.

One thing to keep in mind is that If you have different Forms on your site and want to track them individually, you should create a Conversion Tracking for each one on Adwords. You can then combine metrics using "Dimension" tab on Adwords, or "Segment" button inside tabs likes "Campaigns".

But using Analytics as Amy pointed out, it's the best thing to do.

This articles can help a little bit:

When you have Conversion Tracking set up, you should see Columns specific for conversions. If by any chance they don't appear, you can follow these steps to show them.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click