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The million dollar Google AdWords / Analytics Question:

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I know there's a very simple answer to my question.  I just don't know where to find it.


I need to know how to identify conversion rates related to indivudual AdWords ads.


So far I've figured out how to see which ad headlines lead to page clicks, but that doesn't tell me much.


How do I see which ads (full ad text or Ad ID) leads to a conversion?





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Re: The million dollar Google AdWords / Analytics Question:

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Hello, Mateo.

If you have conversion tracking in AdWords as well, you don't need Analytics to show you which ads converted, it's enough to look at the ads tab in AdWords and enable the right columns.

If you want to see other data (post-click), then you need to join an Analytics report containing whatever dimensions and metrics you need with an AdWords ad report. They both contain a unique identifier, which is the ad id (or creative ID in Analytics).

Hope it helps.
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