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Targeting Questions// Ad policy

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I'm pretty new to Google Adwords and I have so many questions! 


I found a feature in Google Adwords where I can go to Dimensions and View: User locations. Although I have my Location setting set to US and Canada, why am I getting users from other countries? Is there a way I can prevent people from other countries from seeing the ads?


Also, I have several types of campaigns. I have one that is Search Network with Display Select and another campaign that is just Display Select. For the Display Select Only campaign, I have the ability to add a targeting audience. However, for the Search Network with Display Select, I don't have that option. Why?? 


Lastly, I have an ad that directs people to a game that my company created. The sole purpose of the game is to build awareness of our brand, but in a more fun way. The ads been disapproved for style and spelling, but I don't really understand why. Here's an example of one of the ads:





Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

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Targeting Questions// Ad policy

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Hi Emy,

Regarding your first question, in Campaign > Settings, you will find:


Location options (advanced)
Target: People in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location

Click on edit and change it to:

Target: People in my targeted location




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Targeting Questions// Ad policy

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Hi @Emy W,


Let's see if we can help some. 


1. Rob has covered this one, quite well. Without changing the default setting with advanced targeting for locations, your ads will be shown to people in your geo-location and those that search for and/or show interest in. Follow Rob's advice and dial in the geo-location to people in your targeted location.


2. Display campaigns and Search Campaigns with Display Select use different features and work a little differently. To closely control the campaigns, many people prefer to set up search campaigns and display campaigns while omitting the mingling of search with display select. 


3. The ad cannot contain the call to action: START GAME. And display ads should represent the brand and not be so cloaked. They should bring people to your landing page, which would then have the game to play... if the user decides to. If you remove the call to action, the ad would likely be approved, but the ad should still go to a landing page and not directly to playing the game. Be sure to review the Gambling & Games ad policies and comply with them. If the game is a mobile app, look at using Mobile App promotion and/or Mobile App Engagement campaigns


Style and spelling

Promotions that do not use the features of the ad unit for their intended purpose
  • Examples: Ads that don't contain promotional content, text ads missing a line of text, phone numbers in ad text, text ads that have the description running into the display URL, using the URL field as an additional line of text, using an email address in place of a phone number when using the call extension feature
Promotions that are inconsistent with the clear and informational presentation style of the Google Search results
  • Examples: Ads that use bullet points or numbered lists, ads containing a call to action such as "click here", excessive or gimmicky use of repetition, such as the following: fllllowers, flowers-flowers-flowers
Promotions that do not use commonly accepted spelling, grammar, or spacing
  • Examples: "Flowers here buy" or "Buy flwres here" instead of "Buy flowers here"; excessive or gimmicky use of spacing, such as the following: f l o w e r s, buyflowershere

Image ads that mimic or simulate an AdWords text ad

  • Example: Using a screenshot of a text ad to simulate an authentic text ad

Ads that exceed character limits for double-width character languages

  • Note: Character limits for text vary depending on whether the text appears in a single-width or double-width language. Double-width languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, use double-width characters that take twice as much space as single-width characters. Therefore, character limits in these languages are half that of other languages.


Please let us know how things go.


Kind Regards,



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Targeting Questions// Ad policy

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The issue with your ad is the "flashing"

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Targeting Questions// Ad policy

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Thank you so much!