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Sudden boost of impressions on Display Network?

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Hey everyone,


I have yet another question for you.


We were wondering the following: all of a sudden, we got a huge boost in impressions on our Google Display Network, but we can't seem to figure out why. We're not necessarily worried about cost (as there's not necessarily an increase in clicks that seems dangerous), but we don't understand where this boost comes from, what we should pay attention to, and how we can optimize our presence on the Display Network in the best way possible.


Does anyone have any ideas? Smiley Happy


Kind regards,


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Re: Sudden boost of impressions on Display Network?

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Here are the most common reasons for sudden increase in traffic:-
External Factors

Sometimes you’ll notice fluctuations in traffic, even though you haven’t made any changes to a campaign. However, these might be caused by external factors. The most common ones are:

  • Ads are showing on new Display Network sites
    If your ad campaign uses automatic placements and has enough daily budget, the ads’ traffic can significantly increase if it starts showing on a new publisher site or if the sites the ads are serving on receive more traffic due to the next reason:

  • Seasonal trends or news events
    Sometimes it’s a sudden increase in interest in a specific topic that causes increased traffic, for example, celebrity endorsements of specific products, news events, Valentine’s Day.

  • Changes in the competitive landscape
    If a competitor stops advertising or makes changes to their campaigns, this could affect your campaigns as well and your ads might see an increase in impressions and clicks due to reduced competition.

Changes in the Account

Campaign changes can have a significant impact on the performance of a campaign. The most common ones to keep in mind are:

  • Changes in daily budget
    If you raise the daily budget for your campaigns, it will allow the ads to receive more impressions and - naturally - more clicks.

  • Changes in maximum CPC for keywords
    Raising the maximum CPC for one or more of your keywords might allow your ads to show more often. It might also allow the ads to show in a higher position than before. Ads with a higher position typically receive more clicks than those in a lower position. That is also true for ads that show on the Display Network - a higher CPC can result in a higher position and therefore more impressions and clicks.

  • Adding new keywords
    Adding new keywords to your campaign, especially if the keywords are quite general or correspond to popular search queries, can increase the number of impressions and clicks as well.

  • Changes to country or language targeting
    Adding new countries or languages to a campaign’s targets can significantly increase the number of impressions and clicks.

  • Changes to the network settings
    If you target new placements or switch from automatic placements to managed placements or the other way round, it can also influence your campaign’s traffic.

In general, if you optimize a campaign to improve its performance, this might also result in a higher quality score for your keywords, allowing them to serve in a higher ad position for a lower actual CPC. As a result, you may get more impressions and clicks at the same daily budget.


Re: Sudden boost of impressions on Display Network?

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I would attribute it to some seasonal factors of advertisers in your vertical and location switching budget to other channels.
How your display campaign is structured? What targeting methods are you using?
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Sudden boost of impressions on Display Network?

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Hi MD,

Ahmed and Moshe have some very good pointers here, you should probably keep a check on these factors. Besides these, I just wanted to add that you can do a comparison between the placements/ keywords that used to get you the most clicks, impressions last week/month or even a day before ( basically a good time range that helps you understand the reason accurately).

By doing this comparison between different time ranges, you will be able to pin point the source of the boost in impressions/clicks. I have used this method for spotting trends in my lead gen campaigns and it has helped me run my campaigns more smoothly ever since.

Hope this helps.


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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