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Strange spike in conversions we didn't actually get?

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Hey guys,


The AdWords account that I manage recently had a strange spike in conversions on a page that had previously been receiving only a few clicks a day. On the 16th and 17th we received 24 and 15 conversions respectively, which definitely wasn't right. I re-generated the snippet and had a developer put it back in the code for the site so it's back to normal, but I just want to know what caused to make sure we're doing everything right.





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Re: Strange spike in conversions we didn't actually get?

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Hi Mike,


Thanks for posting! 


Did you check to see if there was a specific time of the day that the increase conversions happened? Did the spike happen in a particular campaign or ad group or ad? Was it due to certain keywords or maybe a display placement? If it was for certain keywords, are they on broad match? Did the increase come from the Search network, Display network or Search Partners?


I'd recommend taking a look at all these factors and any changes made in the AdWords account account to see if you can find out if there was a specific reason for the jump in conversions.


Alternatively, could the spike relate to an external factor - i.e. a news story or sudden trend? 


As long as you have the code on the correct page, it should not fire unless someone reaches that page. Tag Assistant is a great extension that will show you what code is on a particular web page, and if there are any issues with the installation. Take a look here: .


I hope this helps! 

Re: Strange spike in conversions we didn't actually get?

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Hello Mike;

I agree with @RachelM ; This looks like an external factor that had a "local" effect,  without affecting the overall performance. Staiatically,  I would ignore it, for now, and would not  change any parameter in the campaign

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