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Status Disapproved (Destination not working)

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I am creating an ad words campaign for a re marketing campaign. I would like to add some tracking to my ads using the tracking template option.


The status of my ads is disapproved after my first attempt.


I don't have any campaign URL options at the campaign level. I believe I don't have any at the ad group level either. When I view the tracking template the column appears blank in the basic adwords interface apart from on individual ads.


Below I have copied out the information I am provided when I test the tracking template. I am wondering if anyone could let me know if they see anything wrong. The URL that I would like to add tracking to is: 


Attribute used





1. Do I need to add the {purl}


2. Why do I need to add the {purl} as it duplicated my URL:


3. When I copy the URL into the web browser with the {} symbols they are changed to the below - %7B, %7D{campaignid}&adgroupid={adgroup...}


If someone could point me in the correct direction that would be great.

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Status Disapproved (Destination not working)

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Hey Jonathan,


Great questions! I think the problem here is that you're putting your url into your tracking template. You actually ONLY want to use {lpurl}, because that will automatically be replaced by the final url from your ad when people click on the ad.


Your tracking template should look like this:




I hope that helps!




Status Disapproved (Destination not working)

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Thanks for getting back to me. I have made this change. 

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Could I also add in google utm parameters or is there no need?


eg source=GDN


campaign=(insert campaign name)

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Hi Jonathan,


Yep, you could definitely add those. It would look something like this: