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Splitting results Between 'Conversion window' and 'at time/on day'

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I have applied a conversion window of 30 days to my activity but my sales figures do not match with the clients, I think this is because they are not counting sales in the 'conversion window'. Is it possible to separate out the results so I know which converted at a later date and which converted at the time?




Re: Splitting results Between 'Conversion window' and 'at time/on day'

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Hey Amy,

One way i could think of is to set up 2 different conversions.
Keep your standard conversion set at a 30 day window period and then duplicate this conversion and set its window period to custom of one day.

That is one way of tracking which conversions are made on the day.

Just be sure to not 'duplicate' your recorded conversion by including both in reports as I am assuming that the 30 day window conversion will record all 1 day conversions as well as the rest.

This may be a round about way of doing with room for error.

Another way to do it would be to set up a script that record the daily statistics for your account and uploads them to a google doc. This script will need to push a new line in each day and probably run at around in order to catch data delay (possibly even

This way you will be able to look at your data in the actual account and see how mant conversions occured after the stats for the firss day were recorded by comparing number of conversion at the end of the month to the daily recorded stats by the script.

This method is safer in terms of incorrect reporting, but requires knowledge of scripts, at least how to implement and edit them to your needs.

Those are the 2 ways that come to mind from me, perhaps some one has a more elegant solution or perhaps there is a report that is able to do this I am unaware of.

Good luck