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Spam conversions through Adwords or am I missing something?

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We're getting impressions, clicks and conversions, which go through a web form on my landing page. Web form submissions come directly to my Gmail. I've tested it several times and the web form works, but I have received 0 submissions (no emails in my Inbox). Where are all these conversions?


Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? Here are some details:


Campaign only 2 days old.

Target Market: Indonesia

Clicks  and conversions so far: 28 clicks and 19 conversions


I've called Google support and they checked that the campaign is set up correctly. At 67.86%, the conversion rate seems way to high (wish it were real) so I'm assuming this is some kind of spam. I'm using a Wordpress platform with Contact Form 7 for the web form and conversions are tracked when the Thank You page is rendered, which means the visitor must fill out a name and email (required fields) for the submission to take place. 


So if these conversions are somehow real, I need to respond ASAP. If they are indeed spam as I suspect, then I really don't want to get charged for them, losing confidence in the Adwords platform as well.


If anyone can help trouble shoot it, I am happy to provide more info, screenshots, etc. Thanks.


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Spam conversions through Adwords or am I missing something?

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We figured this out. We had loaded the conversion tracking code on the page so everytime we got a visitor to that page, it was rendering a conversion as well. Damn, I thought that conversion rate was too high.