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Hello Guys,


Please let me know what source/medium, analytics will record for Adwords campaign if.


1. Auto tagging is disabled & Adwords/Analytics is linked.

2. Auto tagging is enabled & Adwords/Analytics is not linked.

3. Auto tagging is disabled & Adwords/Analytics is not linked.



Vivek S

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Re: Source/Medium?

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Hi Vivek,


Thanks for your question. Could you ellaborate on what you mean by source/medium? I'm not sure that I understand the question. 

Re: Source/Medium?

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Hello VivekS


The basics about what Source / Medium mean : link


I will answer under the assumption that manual tagging is also not used in your examples and you want to know what happends with paid clicks from AdWords Ads.


[Edit] future readers of this thread, disregard my answer below as it is incorrect and jump  message 7 from Ahmed as it is the solution.


For 2 and 3, because Analytics and AdWords are not linked, the paid traffic will be listed in analytics under 

Source= google , medium = organic or refferal



For 1 If Analytics and AdWords are linked but the auto-tagging is not enabled (as it happens by default) , your paid visits will be listed in Analytics under Source=Google , Medium=CPC , because analytics will be able to identify paid visits from organic visits.


However without auto-tagging , you will not be able to see several other dimensions described here : link

Re: Source/Medium?

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Many Thanks Adrian,

To answer you question, Yes, Manualy tagging is not into play.

So having auto-tagging enabled or disabled wont change the way analytics records the data unless the adwords & analytics are linked?

I was under impression that GA should be able to parse GCLID and identify as CPC even if its not linked with Adwords.

Re: Source/Medium?

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I want to correct something Adrian, enabled auto tagging whatever Google Anayltics linked or not , the paid traffic will be listed under Source= Googel & Medium=CPC.

Disabled Auto tagging whatever Google Analytics is linked or not, the paid traffic will not list under Source= Google & Medium=CPC.

If auto-tagging is turned off, and you did not manually tag the destination URLs with campaign tracking variables, the visit is not marked as Google CPC (clicks that came through from AdWords ads), but instead may be attributed to Google Organic (clicks from natural search results on Ensure that your AdWords account either has auto-tagging turned on or has campaign tracking variables appended to the end of every destination URL.

Another source:
If you are using autotagging, Google Analytics automatically appends the gclid (Google Click ID) parameter to the end of the destination URL. It interprets source, campaign, medium, term, and content information from this ID as long as autotagging is enabled and the landing page has the tracking code properly installed.
If you are not using autotagging, it is possible that source information is not being associated with the appropriate visits because of improperly tagged links. Please use the URL Builder to ensure that the destination URLs you create are properly tagged

Re: Source/Medium?

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I should have answered differently .


The page which explains how tagging on/off and "cost data" on/off intersect is found here :



You are right, auto-tagging influences the "medium" variable.


In the cases 1 and 3  when auto-tagging is disabled , even if cost data is applied ( adwords and analytics are linked) or not, the last row after expanding "No data in AdWords Campaigns report" explains that 


No AdWords information appears in your AdWords Campaigns report.

Your AdWords visits data is identified as an organicor referral medium in your Analytics reports."


For case 2 , when auto-tagging is enabled but the cost data is not applied, the table has the following explanation


"In your AdWords reports, cost data does not appear on the Clicks tab, and all AdWords dimensions such as campaign name, ad group, keyword, etc. are identified as (not set)."


So you could be seeing keywords as not set, but I think in the "secondary dimension" = "source/medium" you will see google/cpc (because of auto-tagging = on )


You can also put this question in the dedicated Google analytics forum found here :!forum/analytics

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Re: Source/Medium?

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Yes, that what I mean , I was talking about Source and Medium together. You are right when auto tagging is disabled the source will still be Google and the medium will be organic or referral.

To sum it up for VivekS:
1-Auto tagging is disabled & Adwords/Analytics is linked.
Source/Medium will be marked as Google/Organic or referral.

2- Auto tagging is enabled & Adwords/Analytics is not linked.
Source/Medium will be marked as Google/CPC

3- Auto tagging is disabled & Adwords/Analytics is not linked.
Source/Medium will be marked as Google/Organic or referral.