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Some parameter confused me in google adwords

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Hi Everyone, 

I have followed this url :

for integrating adwords in iphone sdk. 

My Problem here:

[ACTConversionReporter reportWithConversionID:@"0123456789" label:@"abCDEFG12hIJk3Lm4nO" value:@"0.99" isRepeatable:NO];


In above code there are four parameter :

1- Conversion id , 2- Label , 3- Value , 4- isRepeatable


I know the Conversion id and Label but what i should write for Value parameter it is not clear for me. Please suggest me.



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September 2015

Re: Some parameter confused me in google adwords

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Hi Vivudh

As per my understanding its the same parameter like we have value per
conversion in Adwords interface. If your conversion/sale value is same all
the time, monetization wise then write that amount in value parameter, if
it is dynamic amount that changes as per the product involved in the
conversion, then you have to look for it as I am not sure how that will
work in SDK.

My views!


Re: Some parameter confused me in google adwords

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Thanks Abhishek.....We need more help.