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Hi all,


I'd like to begin with a plea to all Google Community managers and Top Contribuors, we must get the Google Analytics group to merge completely with this forum.


Anyway, i'd like to ask a favor, as i am going through my analytics i noticed that i got 40 goals completed by 2:00 (Goals are customers reaching the thank you page, however in the Ecommerce tab it claims 28 Transactions... What are transactions?  

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Re: Some Analytics Help

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Hi Jay,


Transactions are recorded ecommerce transactions as set up on your web site. These almost always reflect purchases. The script for recording eCommerce would be included on your "thanks for your order" page. If you also have an inquiry as a goal and/or conversion, those would probably not be transactions, unless for some reason your eCommerce was set up to track them that way.. That would account for the different counts. Is that, perhaps, what you are seeing?


Visitors with Javascript disabled shouldn't figure into this difference as they wouldn't be counted as either goal completions or transactions or even visits with Analytics.


What's going on with the Analytics forum? I hardly ever go there. Do your questions go unanswered? Is that why we see so many questions about Analytics here in the AdWords forum? I'm just curious about this. Most of us (TC's) know about Analytics, particularly how it relates to AdWords. That's what this topic is for. Most pure Analytics questions get referred to the Analytics forum from here.






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