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Sitelink upgraded urls issue..

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HI all, I have question regarding the Sitelink upgrades. I have upgraded the sitelink url's using the main sitelink feed. I'm using the third party trackers for the tracking. For some reason some of the sitelinks are ended up with no tracking url. I have contacted the third party as well to get some info. When I selected the sitelinks with missing tracking urls, and tried to upgrade manually , it says that"no changes are made". Anyone have experienced the same isuue or have a solution for this.



Re: Sitelink upgraded urls issue..

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Hi @praveen,


Welcome to the community!


Since Google required to upgrade all the destination URL to Final URL before July 1st, the ad tracking parameter work a bit differently now in your Adwords. To you question, the tracking info are not at the place they were used to be. Here is the transformation context you might like to be aware of:


The past Destination URLs you're familiar with 

 Destination URLs are made up of two components:

  1. Landing page URL This is the URL that customers see in their browsers when they get to your landing page after clicking on your ad.
  2. Tracking This section includes information like redirects to third party tracking services, ValueTrack parameters, or custom creative IDs.

In the example below, blue represents the landing page, and green represents the tracking information.
With destination URLs, anytime you need to adjust tracking, you have to update the entire destination URL. This triggers a re-review of your entire destination URL and your ads stop running while your URL is re-reviewed -- causing you to lose time and potential new business.

What’s changing with Upgraded URLs

Upgraded URLs let you enter the landing page portion of your URL and your tracking information separately in AdWords. Now you have the option to update your tracking information at your account, campaign or ad group without having to re-set your ad stats.

Let’s see how the example URL above could be constructed using the new upgraded URL fields.

Final URL is where you’ll enter your website’s landing page URL.


Tracking templates are where you enter your tracking information and tell AdWords how to assemble your URLs. Now, if you’d like to scale your tracking updates across multiple URLs, you can use a shared tracking template at the account, campaign or ad group level. If you’d prefer to manage your URL tracking information at the individual URL level, you can use a tracking template at the ad, keyword, or sitelink level.

In the example below, we’ve used a tracking template at the account level to apply our tracking information across all of the URLs in the account.




So try to give this a shot and see if you can put the tacking info properly. Hope this work!




Re: Sitelink upgraded urls issue..

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Hi Jason,
I appreciate your information.
Following up on this, currently all my sitelinks in the campaign are having tracked correctly with different tracking url's to different sitelinks.
The third party tracking platform syncs on the adwords account on a specific time, to check whethet anything is missing from the tracking. If they find sitelinks with missing tracking url they will track them. So I synced manually from the tracking paltform to check. This is how they operate. So in order to check this I have added a sitelink and synced manually, and I'm waiting for the outcome.
As you said the tracking url is different for different sitelinks to measure them seperately. Thanks for your detailed expalanation. Once again Big Thanks