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Site is and I have all my ads set as .com

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Hey there awesome Adwords Community,


I have a website that serve multiple countries using or or .com .


I am currently targeting Australia and my website automatically redirects to when someone press the ads that I by mistake have set to go to .com . 


I believe this is the reason that I am having very wrong data coming over my way. 


Do I have to change all those ads to ?


Does adwords report the 301 correctly?

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Re: Site is and I have all my ads set as .com

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Hello, Angelos.

First of all, according to AdWords' policies, "The domains of your ad's display URL, final URL, and landing page URL need to match." Here's the link where it's mentioned:

Apart from that, redirects are a fickle beast. More often than not webservers drop query parameters when they redirect, so a click to gets redirected to

When that happens for auto-tagged URLs in AdWords the gclid parameter gets dropped, Analytics attributes that traffic to Google organic and so on. Nothing but pain and tears Smiley Happy. So if possible try and get all our URLs "in a row", i.e. pointing down-under, to Smiley Happy.

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Re: Site is and I have all my ads set as .com

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Hi there,

301 is an feature related to SEO, used to pass on link value, it doesn't have any importance in the AdWords realm. Using .com in display URL and sending users to would violate Google's advertising policies. It is Google's requirement that display & destination URLs should point to the same domain.

I'd suggest having separate campaigns for each target location, with appropriate display and destination URLS.

Feel free to write back!
Sumanth Sridhar