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Shared 'Sitelinks' on Editor not allowing me to post sitelinks

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Here is the problem, 

1. We have two campaigns where we have applied sitelinks. 

2. Each of the sitelinks have a unique code that tells us that the clicks we receive are against a certain campaign linked to a certain sitelink. 


Problem: Now when we are trying to replicate these sitelinks (Text only, with unique Final URLS)  to other 8 campaigns using AdWords editor. However, when this happens, It automatically using the previous sitelinks' 'Final' URLs for these. Its also not allowing us to upload these 'new sitelinks' even if we try to manually change/edit the final URLs. 





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Re: Shared 'Sitelinks' on Editor not allowing me to post sitelinks

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With shared sitelinks, everything is shared. If you want to change any part of the sitelinks for an additional campaign, you'll need to create new ones or use specific custom parameters for appending your URLs. I'm assuming when you say 'unique code' you mean a URL parameter.

You can find out more about managing parameters and URLs here -

Hope this helps.

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Shared 'Sitelinks' on Editor not allowing me to post sitelinks

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HI Tommy, Thanks for the quick response. I get that all sitelinks are shared. Which is why we are trying to use the old/existing sitelinks for these 'new campaigns.' Yes, you understood me right, we do mean 'URL parameters'. Smiley Happy We are are trying to replicate the descriptions for these sitelinks, but we would like to change the final URLs for each campaign with a unique URL parameter. AdWords Editor, however, is not allowing it.Its taking the first set of sitelinks (with their respective URLS by default). And not allowing us to edit these. Considering, this will be a lot of manual work - just trying to see if there is any work around to make it faster. At this point we have one 8 campaigns. But we may have to do this activity for bigger account soon. A little background: we have 5 sitelinks. However, they are shared between different products. Which is why we want to track them differently.
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Re: Shared 'Sitelinks' on Editor not allowing me to post sitelinks

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As a workaround, do this:
- Under Settings > General, set "When importing sitelinks with different URLs" = "Create new sitelink if desination URL is different" (this may not be the exact wording, I'm citing from memory)
- In your CSV file, create Destination URL column as a copy of Final URL column. That is, all rows would have the same URL appearing twice, in Destination URL and Final URL column.
- Run the import. Editor shouldn't be merging similarly-looking sitelinks this time, because of the setting and the fact that destination URLs are different.
- After import, all new sitelinks will have red errors saying something like "can't have both destination and final URL". Select them all, and clear the destination URL using the editing pane at the bottom.

It will all be better in the upcoming release, where the aforementioned setting is modified to work on final URLs instead of destination URLs. So you wouldn't need to do the "copy the column then clear bogus data afterwards" dance.