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Setting up final URL for dynamic display ads

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Hi everybody,


I'm setting up a dynamic display ads campaign for the first time using a 3rd party remarketing list.

The campaign is about restaurants. My intention is to serve a random restaurant for a group of users and draw them to order from it.

My questions are so:


  1. When I create a custom built audience, I essentially import a cookie list from an external dmp, instead of tagging each page with a google remarketing tag. Will a dynamic ad work in this case and will serve each user a random restaurant?
  2. When I created the feed for the ads, I included a Final URL column. In it I placed the URL for each restaurant I wanted in the campaign. When I create the ad gallery, it asks me for a landing page. I write the domain I'm advertising but the preview keeps sending me to the home page instead of a restaurant. Will this be the way the ad will be served to users? If so, am I supposed to write something different in the landing page?

I believe those two questions are tied and one will answer the other.

Your help will be much appreciated.


Thank you,


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Re: Setting up final URL for dynamic display ads

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Hi Nir,

1. If you're importing remarketing lists from a DMP you won't be able to show each user the exact restaurants they were looking at. The system will instead use other signals to select the restaurants it shows (contextual, most clicked, etc...)
2. The landing page that you're asked for when building the dynamic ad is actually very rarely used. It only serves if you change the default option for "Click behavior" from "Navigate to a product URL" to "Navigate to an Ad URL" and only when users click outside of the product area of the ad (logo, etc...). So the answer is that most of the time when you click on an item it should send you to the final URL of the item in the feed, not the one entered at the ad level. If you observe something different, try to be a bit more descriptive: what kind of feed are you using? Is it "Custom"? Where are you seeing the preview? Inside of the Ad Gallery or from the list of Ads when clicking on the "view full size display ad" link?

- Maxime

Re: Setting up final URL for dynamic display ads

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Hi Maxime, I'm having a problem related to this topic. I'm building a set of Dynamic Display Ads using Google Web Designer and based on a "Custom" Business Feed (where I've stored the final url of every facility I'm advertising + some utm tracking). My problem is that when importing the ads in AdWords, they don't appear as clickable!! I've tried both in the preview and live on some websites where they are shown but it doesn't work. Do I need to set up a Tap Area and link it to the Final url? I've tried using but still it doesn't open my final url. How can I solve this? What am I doing wrong? Thanks!