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Setting up conversion value tracking + Signups tracking

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I am already tracking signups on my site and have been optimizing using Target CPA bids. Objective is to move to ROAS bidding and for that i want to track revenue figures within the adwords UI.


My site is on php and I understand from the help center that I need to make 2 edits in the conv code as detailed below.

Remove: var google_conversion_value = 10

Add: if (<? echo $totalValue ?>) { var google_conversion_value = <? echo $totalValue ?> }



Note that my existing conv. code is on all logged in pages of my sie at present to track new signups.This code only triggers on fresh signups and doesn't trigger if existing customer re-logs in.  


My 1st query is that do I need to create a new conversion type and edit the code there OR

get the existing code placed on the purchase confirmation page with the above mentioned editing?


My 2nd query- Is there anything else I need to do to keep tracking my signups for some campaigns to be on CPA bids and track conversion values as well and optimize some campaigns based on ROAS?


My 3rd query - Once a lead is generated, my call center calls the leads to sell the premium version of product. Most of our sales is captured within 60 days. Will adwords track revenue on 59-60 days old clicks?




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Re: Setting up conversion value tracking + Signups tracking

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Hi Vikram S,
Is there a reason why you are not using ECommerce tracking through Google Analytics? This will allow you to track all revenue regardless or source (AdWords, Organic, Direct traffic) to your website. It also has a longer cookie window than AdWords Conversion Tracking.


You will need to implement Google Analytics tracking code, and ECommerce code on your final page of the purchase path.