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Setting the utm_campaign parameters on a remarketing campaign

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I'm new to adwords and want to run a remarketing campaign. The previous person had already set up a campaign.

I want to set up a similar campaign but with different ads.


On the ad, this is the landing page url:{creative}&_bk={keyword}&_bm={matchType}


Under ad URL options (advanced), the tracking template is


I tried changing the utm_campaign in this link to some other text as I want to differentiate the 2 remarketing campaigns.

But this throws an error that "The final URLs don't match".


Any tips on how to set this up? Thanks!

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Re: Setting the utm_campaign parameters on a remarketing campaign

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Hi Lucas,

Good question.

As best as I can tell from your explanation, the utm tagging is currently set up in an odd way. The landing page url (Final url) should not include any utm parameters. Those should all be part of the tracking template at either the ad, ad group, campaign, or account level.

I recommend removing the utm parameters from the Final url and adding what you need to the Ad url options (advanced). See if that takes care of the error.

For more information about utm parameter tagging, see this resource:

I hope that helps!